Design and Realization of Moulds

Molds are the primary tool to obtain quality components so they must be simply perfect.



For us at Ometec co-design is to collaborate with the customer in transforming an idea into a product, thanks to the sharing of knowledge and experience acquired over the years: we are an empathetic and positive team, experienced and prone to innovation.
Co-Design for us means analyzing and identifying solutions for the feasibility and technical-economic sustainability of a plastic product.



Design is the heart of our ability to build molds.  Studying new methodologies, new applications and the search for the best solutions is our "modus operandi", to guarantee the requirements of economic sustainability: duration, processing cycle time, maintenance optimization.
The design begins with a preventive analysis of the critical issues, supported by the expert use of simulation software, which allows to verify both the structural and functional aspects of the new geometries, including filling analysis and through the use of VISI Flow software, we are able to simulate all the phases and see specifically the behavior of the molding process.  This allows to virtually validate the product and the process and to transfer in the execution of the project the information useful to create a perfect mold. The design department uses CAD stations for the realization of the executive projects of molds and mechanical equipment.



After the design phase starting from the technical drawing, we can start the realization of the prototype to verify its characteristics and consistency with the needs of the customer. The prototype will help designers prevent and eliminate possible anomalies in the final production phase. For this reason, the prototype must be extremely accurate and with minimum tolerances, otherwise it would not be able to perform its correct function.


Mold making

Our molds are built using state-of-the-art machine tools, milling machines and EDM, interconnected with Industry 4.0 MES solutions. Our expertise allows us to move quickly from the design phase to the realization of the mold.
We produce the following types of molds:

  • Molds for Thermoplastic materials, with two or three plates, with traditional injection or hot chamber; for single-component and bi-injection and IML.
  • Moulds for thermosetting materials, direct pressure, injected-compression, injection transfer, injection with free channels and with cold chamber for BMC, SMC and CIC.
  • Shearing, construction of simple shearing molds, block in step with rigid punches and in step with guided punches on plates with columns and compasses.

Final Testing and Metrology

The availability, within our plants, of a fleet of press machines allows us to internally test the molds produced, allowing us to have immediate feedback and speed up the times. The final testing is carried out by simulating the conditions of the production process and allows us to deliver to customers molds ready to produce with fast and efficient start-up. We can also carry out the production start at the customer's premises, a team of dedicated technicians available to travel to any production site, able to set the optimal parameters for molding in a short time and with maximum efficiency. After the testing of the mold thanks to our metrological laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art machines, we perform dimensional surveys and mechanical tests.

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