Our sectors

Flexibility, reliability and know-how are the strengths that have always made us unique and have allowed us to be a reference partner for companies operating in the packaging, energy management and automotive sectors.


Our ability and our history allow us to produce molds for a wide range of caps, applied in the pharmaceutical, detergent and cosmetics sectors.
In every single project we pay great attention to detail: we are aware that the smallest detail makes the difference.
Molds for mono and bi-color flip tops, threaded caps, dosers and push pulls, anti-child capsules, represent some of the solutions we have created, we are at the side of our customers to meet the needs of an ever-evolving market, where the cap is not only a closing system but represents an element of innovation in the dispensing or guarantee of safety necessary to conquer increasingly demanding consumers and looking for solutions that improve the product functionality.

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Energy Management

We boast the collaboration with countless and leading international brands operating in the sector. Our experience combined with the possibility of being able to satisfy all phases of the production cycle: design and construction of the mold, molding, special processing, make Ometec an ideal partner for every company operating in this sector.
We are able to produce molds and thermosetting molding for the production of extremely precise parts with very tight drawing tolerances.
We can perform the first samples of the molds in order to identify the most suitable production process.

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High standards of safety and extreme precision in detail are the needs that we meet every day by creating molds and molding for Tier1. The high specialization allows us to create even very complex molds, with very articulated injection and extrusion solutions, in compliance with current regulations.
The timeliness of reaction is our PLUS.
We support customers in the start-up, providing pre-series molds necessary for the first assembly of products.

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