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Quality is shown in the precise treatment of all the stages of the production process and in the offer of a service that is constantly being improved in order to meet the n eeds and requirements of an increasingly demanding market.


The application of the PDCA process represents an indispensable methodological guide for control, which should not be understood as testing and inspection, but as the maintenance of the level of performance of an activity and its constant improvement.

The stages that characterize the production process of OMETEC are: • PLAN identification and analysis of the problem to identify the real causes and define and plan corrective actions; • DO preparation and implementation of the actions previously planned; • CHECK verification of the results of the actions taken and comparison with the expected objectives; • ACT standardization and consolidation if the check stage has had positive results, introducing the changes in the production cycle or preparation of a new PDCA cycle if the check detected additional non-compliance. Therefore, to control means to maintain and to improve. PDCA, or Deming wheel, is the process by means of which management takes shape. The companies belonging to OMETEC have obtained important certifications from major certification bodies:

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