Company Mission

Ometec is a company that for over 30 years has been active in the industry of moulds for plastic materials and has gained considerable technical experience in various fields, investing constantly in staff training, equipment and state-of-the-art technology.

The main mission of the company is customer satisfaction. Collaboration with the technicians of the customers is an important element, from the design phase to the commissioning of the mould.
Of particular importance is the collaboration with the customer even after the moulding phase. Customer assistance has the same importance as the construction phase.
Commitment and determination guarantee the result.

- Ometec follows your requirements and accompanies you throughout the entire process, from design to the realization of the product.

- Ometec is product guarantee
- Ometec is product testing by means of presses with high tonnages
- Ometec is fast responses to the customer's requests.