About us

OMETEC was founded in 2006 by a winning partnership between over thirty-year companies operating in the field of mold design and construction and plastic molding, thanks to our know-how acquired over the years and the high technological content of the machine park, we immediately proposed ourselves as a reference partner for companies operating in the automotive sectors, energy management and packaging.

We provide a complete service for the production of plastic products, from the co-design of the product through the design and realization of the mold up to the actual molding of the finished product with the assembly of the components.

Flexibility is our key point: we have the ability to adapt quickly to customer needs, simplifying processes and proposing solutions that lead to the identification of solutions in economic terms, time and quality.

Our Vision

We develop, manage and systematize complex projects.
We simplify the management of processes, providing professional support that accompanies the customer throughout the complexity of the project: from the idea to the product.
Our challenge is to be able to apply our technology to all companies in the world that have a product to make.

Our Strengths

Our human resources are highly specialized, and this guarantees maximum competence on every single order. A multi-channel approach allows us to plan, test and operate transversally on different projects and to add innovative elements in design and production.

Our production capacity can absorb different types of orders, even the most complex in terms of quantity and customization. Our organizational model is flexible, allowing us to carry out pre-series or series productions in compliance with the times and expectations. In every process we guarantee maximum transparency with always measurable activities and certain results.

Co-creation of value. Our technicians and PMs constantly dialogue with the Technical Offices of our customers to find, together, innovative and effective solutions. Sharing the project allows the creation of new solution ideas.